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Beto L

Friday May 14, 2010

I am a big fan of these erasers i buy them like every week! i almost have 200 erasers!


Monday May 10, 2010



Saturday May 8, 2010

I love Eraser Crazy


Saturday May 8, 2010

this site is awsome I love it!!!! I have been collecting forever!! I have 624 erasers!! thank love erin

Ashley W

Saturday May 8, 2010

Haha! I love crazy erasers! I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember! I've told all my friends about this website! And some of them have started collecting too! ^_____^


Saturday May 8, 2010

i have over 200 erasers! oh yeah, plus i have lots of rare ones like the orange panda, red panda, red frog, silver hamster, and the pocky!

eraser lover

Saturday May 8, 2010

omg i love these erasers sooo much but my mom wont get me any so im trying 2 win the contest so baddd


Tuesday April 27, 2010

i have 80 erasers

Bunny Rabbit

Friday April 23, 2010

Thank you so much! I love japanese erasers SOOO much!!!


Saturday April 17, 2010

I LUV these erasers!!!! I have about 45 of them!!!!!:-


Saturday April 17, 2010

I love this web page i bought a lot of stuff when i saw it make more kinds plz!!!!!


Saturday April 17, 2010

um where do you get all these erasers i bout three panda ones from my friend in class so i want to get more but i dont know where to get them


Saturday April 17, 2010

Hi! I have over 200 Japanese erasers. I was wondering an idea. MARSHMELLOWS ON A STICK! Like the 3-color Dango. But, a dark brown plastic stick, and instead of dango, marshmellows!


Saturday April 17, 2010

L LOVE ERASERS! I have been colecting since i was 7 and now i am 10. i have over 1,000 erasers. still counting. i hope to have 2,000 by next year!


Saturday April 17, 2010

Hello, can u please make more. I would love to have a knife eraser because me and my cousins take pieces from eraser and use them to make little recipes to make a different eraser and we always need to "cut" them up so we just use the fork. we love erasers and PLEASE make more. I love the animals and food the best so please keep up with your great work!


Saturday April 17, 2010

I just luv japanese erasers!

Mia K.

Tuesday April 6, 2010

I am sooooooooo happy to have some eraser's, yes you migt find me earser crazy.My brother Thomas and I looove erasers so much you can't belive it! My favourite eraser is the cow,my mums is the boiled egg and my brothers is the golf set and my dads is the hot dog! he wishes their was Greek food for some reson? I have lots. Miaxx


Monday March 8, 2010

will you make a house for the erasers


Thursday March 4, 2010

i have 36,382 erasers in counting and that is not enough!


Thursday March 4, 2010

I love erasers!!! You see, when me and my family went to Texas, we went to Claire's and I bought 6 erasers and now I'm hooked!!!


Thursday March 4, 2010

HEY! I love collecting Japanese eraser pets, i started a group with my friends about 2 months ago. I also love horses and wanted to know if any horse erasers are coming out any time soon!


Monday February 22, 2010

I hav now 1004 erasers they are the best make a house eraser Love Shaylee


Thursday February 18, 2010

i have been collecting since 3rd grade now i am in 5th grade and still collecting. i have about a 100.My friends and i like to make eraser houses for them!!!!!

puppy 14

Friday February 12, 2010

anything thats out of stock, should be in stock!


Friday February 12, 2010

Erasercrazy is so grawsome they have all the cool erasers i dont know why but ipersonally think the american ones r better i have around 2000 in all maybe 560 iwako and 80 other brands . My fave ones in my collection r probably the one of the whit house and the one if the watermelon


Friday February 12, 2010

hey i love your erasers! that would be awsome if they had a cherry or apple pie! maybe even blueberry! well, think about my idea and please try to make it! thanks a bunch!


Friday February 12, 2010

I love japanese erasers. My fave. My mean friend stole my tray but luckily she gave it back


Friday February 12, 2010

i love the japenese erasers there so cute i already have 50 brought from her i love my blowfish rubbers ive got it in orange and yellow i also have the little rubbers in cases .i love it this website is brill.


Friday February 12, 2010

I love them because they come apart I dont use them as erasers I just take them apart


Friday February 12, 2010

i want the toy box eraser magic eraser and the box that has the food in side they r so dang cool


Friday February 12, 2010

i just order a whole bunch of erasers yesterday and can't wait until they come.i order like 40 something of them:D


Friday February 12, 2010

I heart erasers!!!!!

kya a.

Friday February 12, 2010

i love erasers.they are my life.so thank you.now i can look at them all day.i ador your website.


Friday February 12, 2010

I LOVE THESE ERASERS!!!!!! I only have 13 in my collection right now but im still working on it. There awesome!


Friday February 12, 2010

This is a great site,I always buy erasers here whenever there's new ones.I have about 100 now,trying to raise up to 500 =]


Friday February 12, 2010

hi i love japinese erasers


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